Azam Motor

  • Banting
  • Salak Tinggi
  • Bangi
  • Sungai Petani
  • Kuala Selangor
Azam Motor's Background

Where there is a will there is a way, the idiom that suits perfectly to Mispan Ribut’s efforts when he determined to run his own business. Mispan who owns the experience of more than 20 years working with a few car repairing workshops has the desire to own his own workshop since he started his career as a mechanic.

“I left my hometown and worked at a few workshops. Initially, I worked at a workshop in Kelana Jaya for 2 years which is owned by MARA. Then, the last workshop that I worked for is situated in Petaling Jaya.”

His dream to open a business in automotive area has never goes out until he determined to start his business by renting a shop in Shah Alam for 3 years. After 3 years, he found that the area is not suitable for him to expand his business. Therefore, he made his mind to return back to his hometown in Banting, Selangor and started his business there.


After he got married, with the help from his wife, Mastinah Mohd Sani, the business started to grow quickly. At first, he focuses on car repairing services, however the fierce competition forced him to find another alternative to vary his services such as engines and tires services to his customers.

Mispan is not yet satisfied with Azam Motor’s achievement even though now he owns 3 small branches for his workshops. He hopes to expand his business more to the highest level and provides the best services to fulfill his desire and customers’ needs to achieve his dream.


With the supports of his workers, relatives, friends and nearby residents who help him to spread the name of Azam Motor, Azam Motor nowadays has been known by people in Selangor.